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"Delightfully comic....powerful pipes... Angie (Erin Leigh Peck) carries a full solo number while contorting herself into challenging yoga poses"
- Stage Buddy

Mr. Confidential
"It is Erin Leigh Peck as Marjorie, Harrison's niece, who is the stand-out. Her numbers, "Girl Next Door" and "The Duchess of Dirt" are worth the whole show. This role of a wife and mother who desperately wants to escape and have more is well thought out."
- Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles
"Erin Leigh Peck is possibly the show-stealing character as Marjorie with her powerful voice and tough acting chops!"
- Doug Marino, Act Three Review
"Erin Leigh Peck captures the soul of Bob's niece Marjorie who leaves her husband Fred (Joshua Dixon) to head up the magazine's west coast shenanigans. Her "Girl Next Door" is both a mantra of liberation and – reprised – an anthem of despair and defeat."
- David Roberts, Theatre Critic

Legacy Falls
"lovably conniving"
- Theatremania
"played masterfully by Erin Leigh Peck"
"Performing highlights include Erin Leigh Peck, who has great comedic timing (and a voice to match) as Frankie"
- Letters From The Mezzanine

Boeing Boeing
"Peck is the amoral swinger and she plays it to perfection, including a through-the-air dive onto unsuspecting Robert."
- Times Beacon Record
"Gloria (Erin Leigh Peck) is a sexy, take charge New York girl....It's the kind of humor that takes you away and makes you feel simple happiness."
- The Huntingtonian
"Ms. Peck brings a sweet yet assertive aura to her character."
- BroadwayWorld
"Erin Leigh Peck's American flight attendant is as sexy as she is loony."
- Theatremania

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
"All the Principals are wonderful, particularly Peck…a fine comedienne and singer, she is also blessed with a pretty face and figure. She reminds me of a young Carol Burnett."
- Lenny Traube, Queens Gazette

Named as one of the "Ten Memorable Moments You May Have Missed"
-, 2005
"Particularly moving work by Peck as the troubled teen"
- Frank Scheck, New York Post
"Brought to life with well-calibrated anger by Erin Leigh peck-the emotional impact is almost unbearable."
- Andy Propst, American Theatre Web
"Erin Leigh Peck is both adorable and heartbreaking."
- The Seigel Column, Theatremania

The Toxic Avenger
"Unfortunately, Nancy Opel was out on the night we went, but luckily, understudy Erin Leigh peck was HYSTERICAL in the multiple roles of Mayor, Ma and a Nun. Sometimes together in the same scene. That song alone, to watch Peck attempt to play both Mayor and Ma in the same scene is worth the price of admission. Peck's voice was also outstanding and it's a shame that she doesn't get to go on stage every night. Peck's beauty seemed at odds to her character's costumes but it made it all the funnier, and Peck never holds back at selling each character."
- Tapeworthy

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